Water Mixer / Dispenser

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Water Mixer - Dispenser (WMD) it is a device designed to dispense water at a given temperature. The device at the inlet has two streams of water - hot and cold, and at the outlet the flow of water of a given temperature and quantity.

Working principles:  

The operator introduces the panel setting the water temperature at the outlet and the number of liters of water that must be dosed. Presses the "Start" button, the WMD begins work. With the help of valves with analog control program of the controller determines the necessary opening degree of each valve for mixing hot and cold water and to obtain water of the desired temperature. Once the set temperature is reached, the dosing process begins. At the end of the dosing process, the operation of the WMD stops and a new cycle of work can be started.

WMD technical specifications:  


The liquid volume, liters:
5 .. 999
5 .. 999
 Accuracy on dose >20 liters, %:
±0.5 ±0.5
Accuracy of temperature,°C: 
±1 ±1
Minimal pressure of liquid on infeed, MPa: 0.3 0.3
The adjustable target temperature range, °C:
5 .. 60 5 .. 60
 Calculated dosing speed, liters / second:  4.28 7.6
Connection fittings: 1/2 3/4
control voltage: 24 VDC 24 VDC
The control: Local or Remote Local or Remote  
External systems connectivity Industrial Ethernet Industrial Ethernet
Dimensions, mm : 400х500х210 400х500х210
 Weight, kg:  15 16


WMD - 1 pcs.
User Manual - 1 pcs
Passport - 1 pcs.

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