The company

About company

VERTEK is an engineering company that develops and delivers complex solutions in the field of automation for large industrial enterprises.

Our company has been successfully operating in the market since 2005. The average number of employees is 55 people, the annual turnover is about 150 million rubles.

The company assembled a team of highly qualified specialists in various fields related to the design, manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance of automated control systems.

Mission and strategy

Our mission: to increase the productivity and efficiency of our customers' production processes.

Strategy: working in the market of food industry enterprises, supply high-quality technical solutions, offer competitive prices, and provide benefits free of charge. Guarantee high quality due to:
  • Expert knowledge
  • Use of high-quality components and software;
  • The use of only standard and industrial solutions.
Provide our Client with the opportunity to quickly implement his wishes, while not losing his independence.

We value the independence of our customers, so we deliver all the development in an open form, which gives the opportunity to choose a supplier when developing systems and a good price level due to competition.

Figures and Facts

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