Bulk Storage Systems

Bulk Storage Systems

Bulk Storage Systems (BSS) and Dosing

Most of factories need to organize the movement of raw materials: from its delivery to production and to supply to production lines, with the organization of fiscal control over consumption at each site where processing is carried out.

One of the activities of our company is the development, supply and implementation of integrated solutions for the reception, storage, cleaning, transportation and dosing of raw materials in accordance with technological recipes.

Bulk storage of bulk products is organized by the installation of closed or open silos of the required volume. To fill apply install the unloaders of raw materials from sacks, big-bags, as well as devices for connection of tankers, allowing a total management system to control the loading process silos and eliminate possible serious damage to other equipment due to human error or accidents in the system.

One of the options for the organization of dosing of raw materials into production lines is the use of a centralized weighing system. The weight hopper is mounted on a strain gauge platform. Dosing of raw materials into it can be carried out by screws or pneumatic transport system. Previously, each plumb is sieved, metal impurities are removed from it, and it is transported to the weight hopper.

Directly below the weigh hopper is a transport hopper. Thus, high accuracy and speed of dosing is achieved. From the transport hopper, the raw material is transported along the routes to the production dosing stations and then to the dough mixers.


The system is built on a modular principle. The parameters of the bins, the number of weighing stations is calculated based on the required volume and rate of plumb.

We make a full complex of works on technical re-equipment of bulk warehouses using BSS and providing the supply of raw materials on production lines:

  • Development and coordination of the concept of the future System, preparation of technical specifications; 

  • Design works; 

  • Design of process control system; 

  • Examination of industrial safety with obtaining a positive conclusion; 

  • Manufacture and supply of equipment (silo, station, Stripping, containers, dispensers, sieves, equipment and control); 

  • The commissioning of the systems and personnel trainings.

Advantages of switching to bulk storage:

  • High performance;
  • Release of production space for other purpose;
  • Automation of all stages of the technological process;
  • High accuracy and repeatability of recipes;
  • Cost saving;
  • Exclusion of the human factor;
  • Tracking (traceability) of the use of raw materials in the products;
  • Stable quality of products.


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